Prior Group has expanded its activities to include Green Energy solutions. Here, we offer energy-saving sustainability solutions, for example solar panels and energy storage systems via batteries. With an energy management system by installing solar panels and batteries, an independent position is obtained from the grid operator. After all, due to congestion problems, businesses increasingly benefit from independence from the grid.


Electricity is being used more and more as part of the energy transition. Electric driving is taking off and gas-fired boilers are increasingly being replaced by heat pumps or hybrid systems. The consequence, however, is that the energy grid becomes overloaded, which can lead to energy outages. For companies where, for instance, machinery has to run 24 hours a day, this can be disastrous.

Power dip and peak capping

Prior Green Energy makes a case for coping with a power dip by automatically storing self-generated energy, such as solar power, in its own batteries. Large companies in the process industry, for example, have an emergency generator, but this is not the case for the average SME entrepreneur. If the power grid suddenly fails, this SME entrepreneur could be in trouble. Machines and computers then fail uncontrollably, which can cause considerable damage. In addition, batteries can help capping energy peaks in a business.

Solar carports and lightweight panels

When a business has insufficient roof area available to install solar panels, but still has its own parking space available, it can be a nice addition to work with carports with solar panels installed on them.  In addition, many roofs of industrial halls are also not suitable to support the weight of solar panels. Lightweight panels and carports can then be a nice solution. At Prior Green Energy, we are dealers of such carports and are happy to map out the possibilities for companies and institutions.


Solar carports help businesses become self-sufficient, as they provide additional surface area for solar panels and the power generated can be used directly for charging electric vehicles. No car to charge or excess power: then of course it can be used for office, workshop, or, for example, the before mentioned batteries.

More capacity

Due to technical developments, battery packs are getting more and more capacity for the same volume. It has therefore become easier to store larger amounts of power. In addition, Dutch subsidies or tax schemes such as the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) can be used.

New developments

New technologies are closely monitored, such as the possibilities of fuel cells, with or without fixed or mobile tanks. Companies can also contact Prior for more information on this subject; a lot is already possible. If you would like more information about our joint services, please contact Mr Bert Raak or Mr Bram van Stel of Prior Group (0118-674074).