We oversee and execute your projects and turnarounds

Project Management

Prior Projects supports organisation management through controllable preparation and execution of projects. The goal of this method is to carry out projects in a consistent, efficient and uniform manner from start to finish.

Our working method is generic. However, depending on the origin, size and complexity of the project, some stages and activity may vary from this method.

The presented scheme is a summarized illustration of our working method in which graphically appear the different processes and information flows of our basic framework.

Human Capital

To have at your disposal a large but very flexible group of employees is a continuous challenge for every organization. Due to our many years of eperience we have a very broad international network of professionals which are specialized in different disciplines within various sectors.

This leads to an independent service in which quality is prioritized and where qualified personnel is supplied from any organization within our framework. The use of assessment, tests of competence and training safeguards the quality and safety.

We also have an insight in the personal qualities and capacities of our employees. This means that we know our people. In this way, the necessary personnel is selected in advance and the expectations are clear.

This is what Prior Projects distinguishes from the competition.